Details of sitting and pricing

A sitting for a body portrait takes one hour. During this time the sitter may take up a number of fast poses or hold one for a longer period. This will be discussed beforehand with the artist. They can also decide if they want a nude study or if they wish to have some costume or drapery. They will take home with them their own personal body portrait done in oil pastel on high quality cartridge paper measuring 70 x 50 cms and packed in a protective, cardboard poster tube. For those travelling on from Berlin shipping can be arranged to your home address. Should you wish, the body portrait can be mounted and framed and bubble wrapped directly to take home with you.

Framed size is 60 x 75 cms.

Unframed / nicht gerahmt 200 euro.

Framed /gerahmt 290 euro

Plus postage / shipping costs, if necessary.

Price includes all taxes. Gift vouchers are also available

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