The Classical nude is part of the cannon of western art. We look at figures drawn two centuries ago and, without clothes or possessions, they look just like us. There is a timelessness about a nude.

It is an attempt, beautiful and futile, to stop time, to capture the moment.

A life-drawing by Noël O’Callaghan captures the unique essence / spirit / energy of the sitter which is unmistakeable even without facial features. We all have a way of holding our head, resting an arm or turning a foot which is special to us. A life drawing is a body portrait of your attitude and energy at a particular moment in time. Unlike a photograph, it is both intensely personal and at the same time impersonal, detached and universal. Nowadays, photos are no longer treasured and have become disposable. In contrast, a framed life-drawing is passed from generation to generation.

It can be admired as a work of art in itself without the viewer being aware that you are the subject – unless you choose to tell them.

Noël O’Callaghan is a professional artist whose life-drawings feature in many private and public collections. Her installation / performance “Live” brought life-drawing out of the studio to a public space when it became the first ever visual art event to be included in the main programme of the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1995. Her depictions of the nude have an honesty and a unique edgy beauty which transcends the superficial notions of “beauty” fashionable today. Speed of execution is a central part of her work making it especially suitable for capturing your favourite yoga or dance position. Clothing or drapery can be worn if you choose, as the live moment is more intrinsic to the life-drawing /body portrait than the nudity of the subject.

The sitting, which lasts one hour, takes place in a warm, comfortable and totally private studio in a professional (BBK)* studio complex in the Neukölln district, Berlin. Total confidentiality is guaranteed. No Photographs are taken and the sitter acquires the copyright of their drawing.

A life – drawing of yourself, or a gift voucher for a sitting, is an imaginative, intelligent and most unusual gift for a special occasion, and a gift which lasts.

*(The Professional Association of Berlin Visual Artists)